Playing with gladwrap.I was in the darkroom today and I decided to take a failed experiment from last week and give it a re-run with a different intent. Last week I was trying to contact print off oiled paper and used cling film (food wrap) to seperate the layers so I didn't get oil on … Continue reading


Wandering about cameras.A not-so-smiley lion - Looks kinda anguished actually, but then so would I after a couple of generations of kids had polished me with their bums.Color is a bit out - forgot the exposure value thingy.I brought a 300K camera (640 x 480 pix) a week or two back for a few bucks, … Continue reading

I took these a couple of months ago on a long and boring bus trip, I decided to see just how many photos my trusty (crap) old fixed lens 2MP camera could take on a set of batteries - about 250 on 2 AA batteries - I tend to carry 6 batteries as part of … Continue reading

First off - just for fun.Squirrel photography :)And a coupla stencilsNot a great shot - not my design, just rescued by me - the frame was wrecked and the cat was black on a tobacco orange ground - very 60'sCaught - 12 colours, 8 layers, a stupidly long time taken to cut.Loreal Guineapig - 8 … Continue reading

Some pinhole pic's I took recently.A mirror building.Buildings & cars.More buildings.A... uh... wall?And a pic of me - self portrait in a mirrored building.I mainly have buildings as they don't tend to run away in the 1 - 2 min that an exposure takes - most of these shots I had people walk through - … Continue reading