Playing with gladwrap.

I was in the darkroom today and I decided to take a failed experiment from last week and give it a re-run with a different intent. Last week I was trying to contact print off oiled paper and used cling film (food wrap) to seperate the layers so I didn’t get oil on the photo paper, well, it failed cos I had an appearance of the darkroom fairies – little creatures that only come out in a dark room under very particular circumstances, ie. when the operator doesn’t know what they’re doing.

So this time I tried to invoke the darkroom fairies deliberately, I spread clad wrap over the photo paper and put a photocopy over top as an incubator, and yup… It worked.

So here’s some darkroom fairies. First the butterfly jellyfish sort.

A worm type and a couple of amorphous glowing ones.

Seahorses with spears and shaman badgers.

Well after this I decided to take photo’s of gladwrap without the photocopy and see what I got – this is about 1 sec exposure at about F8. (my first attempt)

Same, but I waved my hand over it very briefly (timer only goes down to 1 sec on the enlarger I was using).

And a positive print off one of the above – just to screw me up, it took a 25 sec exposure at F2 to get this.

I think I’m gonna play with the darkroom fairies a bit more when I get some time.


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