Film shots

Well I got the first film from my Zenit developed, they were mostly underexposed or overexposed a little, such is life. I have found that the light meter does work since then, so I need to make a suitable battery cover for the camera, in the meantime I have been shooting with a pinhole and an Olympus Trip 35 which is older than me (it’s over 30, I’m not). So I’ll have some shots from those in the next few days.

I didn’t get the paper exposure & developing right on these, so they mostly were underexposed on paper, I just shot a couple quickly before leaving the dark room last week. Anyhow, here’s a cabbage tree, I’m not sure what happened to the bottom of it to make it fade away like that. I did a digital tone (sepia) to warm it up a little.

(This, by the way, is my first self-developed, self-printed photo ever – I had never brought a B&W film before last week).

I also shot a shot of some deadly nightshade which didn’t turn out so well, it was kinda underexposed, but it creates a mood, I’ll prolly get back to some of those shots and print them properly, this also got the digital sepia treatment. I quite like this actually.

And I fiddled that one a bit and added some green into it – I sorta like this too, it could work as an illustration for a book cover. Pretty messy though – I only spent a minute or two on it.

My next film should be a bit better – I really should grab an extra pack of photo paper and learn how enlargers actually work, I currently don’t have much of a clue.


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