Museum Photographica

I went to the museum today, and of course took my camera’s along for the walk, these are from my digicam, and are thus of terrible quality, but I thought i’d share some of teh badly stuffed animals I met there.

First the title graphic – brought to you by a convenient reflection.

Nooo, Stuart, Don’t do it!

Mr ferret is choking?

Happy kitty is… Oh My God! what is that?

Flamingo’s look silly, that is all.

I don’t quite know what to say about this.

Hyenas… ‘Not’ friendly

We are now officially leaving Kansas Toto.


Museum photographica II.

A candidate for the worlds least child friendly looking canine.

Possums, show offs.

Don’t trust the little bugger as far as you could spit it, it’ll drink your beer and steal your car if you give it half a chance.


Wish you were here?

Mountain goat, yup.

Why is a zebra in the New Zealand animals section?

Morporks are teh cuteness

A bird – it’s not like I was reading the labels.

A moa, yay moa’s