Playing with bit’s n’ peices.

A wee bit of voyerism, not that you can actually see anything –

ISO6 film – f5.6 @ 1/30th – about 125mm I had to meter at 25ISO and then close down 2 stops – it would be nice to get a camera with a wider range of shutter speeds – the Zenit is reliable and does take a good shot, but the range of 1/30th to 1/500th is kinda limiting.

I’m going to try that film at 3 stops under 25ISO – see what it does at ISO3 – it seems consistently under-exposed at ISO6

Homage to weston – I was trying flash photography with 25 ISO film – about F5.6 at 3 feet at x-sync (1/30th) – under room lights.

I do quite like the colorize function in gimp, a wee bit of playing gave me this. (colorize is also handy for digital toning)

And another fiddle, this time I was making an animal – behold the capsicumspider.
(actually looks kinda nasty)

I spent a while trying to make pictures using my flatbed scanner, I was certain that it could be used as an imaging back, however until the other day this was the best I got out of it.

Well, I got bored the other day and I tried with a reversed 58mm lens – it seems to make a picture – kewl.

And another try, using vuescan (unregistered 😀 ) This actually seems to have some promise, especially now that my canoscan scanner is now spare since I brought an Epson that had a scanning hood. A 120MP scanning back would be a rather fun toy methinks.

I’ll have some scanned films in the near future.


End of year exhibition. ~ Traces.

This came in 3 weeks after my other exhibition, I’ll write it up properly in the next couple of days, for now I’ll just put the images up, All shot with black and white film in a Zenit TTL.

This wasn’t included in the hand in, I handed in 6 images, but it really was a set of seven.


I had intended to label the shots and suchlike, but having thought about it…

The concept i was looking at was the idea of exactly what memory is, I was wondering if a memory is in fact an idea that a person has, or if anything can have a memory in as much as it can record information. these shots are of places that are very busy during the day, I was wondering if that has a resonance that carries through when these places are abandoned.

Does a city have a momory, and if so, then what does it take for a memory to fade.

Exhibition – Oct 19 – Iris

An exhibition that I had On the 19th of October in the Fridge Gallery at the Wellington Institute of technology in Petone, Wellington (New Zealand). Incidentally my first Solo exhibition.

If you know what this was about then good, if not then I’m sorry, but I wont elaborate.

Here tis, the gallery (I shan’t comment on the lighting set up).

A closer up of the painting in the center of the gallery, this painting is 4′ x 5′ and is completed in acrylics on canvas.

The photo’s along the sides were four different photo’s, but mirrored across the gallery for a total of 8 12″ x 16″ photo’s.

As a side note, I borrowed a Nikon D200 to photograph this work, and frankly I am not at all impressed by the results, admittedly I used the idiot modes as I’m not familiar with the camera, but from this at least i can say that the idiot modes are not even acceptable for this sort of thing. I’m not prepared to say that it’s not a good camera, I’d have to give it a decent workout in manual raw mode, but yeah… I’m not that fond of the kit lens either, but that’s another story.

What I’ve been up to?

Well, here’s what i did today anyhow.

I recently got a hold of some ISO 6 film – old microfilm, so I’ve been fiddling with it a little, today it seemed like a brilliant idea to get my Lomo Lubitel 166U up and running on some of it.

So rolled some 35mm film into an empty 120 roll that was floating about and went for it, the results were… errr… variable. In part cos I’m not terribly in practice with that camera, partly cos I was largely motivated by a desire to verrify that the film is in fact ISO 6 (it is), but mainly cos reloading 35mm film into a 120 roll isn’t exactly the best way to get fantastic quality – the film doesn’t lie flat, and it’s hard to line up the shots.

A street scene with absolutely no central focus, the film must have buckled I guess.

A view, yay… woot!

And a strange detail – this is what I mean by the focus being all over the place – it’s a really strange look.

A double I think is kinda pretty, expecially with a bit of colour,

And a frighteningly satisfying shot of ivy, I didn’t expect this at all, I just took this to cap the roll, yay for serendipity.

If anybody cares – ORWO MA-8 microfilm, developed in Rodinal 1:50 – 6 min constant agitation.

I’ll post some stuff from my work over the last few months in the next day or two.