What I’ve been up to?

Well, here’s what i did today anyhow.

I recently got a hold of some ISO 6 film – old microfilm, so I’ve been fiddling with it a little, today it seemed like a brilliant idea to get my Lomo Lubitel 166U up and running on some of it.

So rolled some 35mm film into an empty 120 roll that was floating about and went for it, the results were… errr… variable. In part cos I’m not terribly in practice with that camera, partly cos I was largely motivated by a desire to verrify that the film is in fact ISO 6 (it is), but mainly cos reloading 35mm film into a 120 roll isn’t exactly the best way to get fantastic quality – the film doesn’t lie flat, and it’s hard to line up the shots.

A street scene with absolutely no central focus, the film must have buckled I guess.

A view, yay… woot!

And a strange detail – this is what I mean by the focus being all over the place – it’s a really strange look.

A double I think is kinda pretty, expecially with a bit of colour,

And a frighteningly satisfying shot of ivy, I didn’t expect this at all, I just took this to cap the roll, yay for serendipity.

If anybody cares – ORWO MA-8 microfilm, developed in Rodinal 1:50 – 6 min constant agitation.

I’ll post some stuff from my work over the last few months in the next day or two.


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