End of year exhibition. ~ Traces.

This came in 3 weeks after my other exhibition, I’ll write it up properly in the next couple of days, for now I’ll just put the images up, All shot with black and white film in a Zenit TTL.

This wasn’t included in the hand in, I handed in 6 images, but it really was a set of seven.


I had intended to label the shots and suchlike, but having thought about it…

The concept i was looking at was the idea of exactly what memory is, I was wondering if a memory is in fact an idea that a person has, or if anything can have a memory in as much as it can record information. these shots are of places that are very busy during the day, I was wondering if that has a resonance that carries through when these places are abandoned.

Does a city have a momory, and if so, then what does it take for a memory to fade.


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