Exhibition – Oct 19 – Iris

An exhibition that I had On the 19th of October in the Fridge Gallery at the Wellington Institute of technology in Petone, Wellington (New Zealand). Incidentally my first Solo exhibition.

If you know what this was about then good, if not then I’m sorry, but I wont elaborate.

Here tis, the gallery (I shan’t comment on the lighting set up).

A closer up of the painting in the center of the gallery, this painting is 4′ x 5′ and is completed in acrylics on canvas.

The photo’s along the sides were four different photo’s, but mirrored across the gallery for a total of 8 12″ x 16″ photo’s.

As a side note, I borrowed a Nikon D200 to photograph this work, and frankly I am not at all impressed by the results, admittedly I used the idiot modes as I’m not familiar with the camera, but from this at least i can say that the idiot modes are not even acceptable for this sort of thing. I’m not prepared to say that it’s not a good camera, I’d have to give it a decent workout in manual raw mode, but yeah… I’m not that fond of the kit lens either, but that’s another story.


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