Playing with bit’s n’ peices.

A wee bit of voyerism, not that you can actually see anything –

ISO6 film – f5.6 @ 1/30th – about 125mm I had to meter at 25ISO and then close down 2 stops – it would be nice to get a camera with a wider range of shutter speeds – the Zenit is reliable and does take a good shot, but the range of 1/30th to 1/500th is kinda limiting.

I’m going to try that film at 3 stops under 25ISO – see what it does at ISO3 – it seems consistently under-exposed at ISO6

Homage to weston – I was trying flash photography with 25 ISO film – about F5.6 at 3 feet at x-sync (1/30th) – under room lights.

I do quite like the colorize function in gimp, a wee bit of playing gave me this. (colorize is also handy for digital toning)

And another fiddle, this time I was making an animal – behold the capsicumspider.
(actually looks kinda nasty)

I spent a while trying to make pictures using my flatbed scanner, I was certain that it could be used as an imaging back, however until the other day this was the best I got out of it.

Well, I got bored the other day and I tried with a reversed 58mm lens – it seems to make a picture – kewl.

And another try, using vuescan (unregistered 😀 ) This actually seems to have some promise, especially now that my canoscan scanner is now spare since I brought an Epson that had a scanning hood. A 120MP scanning back would be a rather fun toy methinks.

I’ll have some scanned films in the near future.


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