Scanned shots take III

This is shown in reverse order – so this is the last of three posts – anyhow that doesn’t matter as the order wasn’t logical anyhow.


Chains really are terribly symbolic aren’t they?

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this here before, if I haven’t then here it is – if I have then I guess I’m spamming.

Nobody has accurately guessed what this actually is, I do like it for what it looks like though – what it is isn’t as exiting as what it looks like heheheh.

And a wall… a textured wall… nice wall.


some more shots

Some More shots, First up a night shot – of a toilet block as it happens 😀 – I love all the weird light effects here.

The only good shot I got off a roll with a 50 cent plastic camera – I don’t think it’s a good photo, but it still makes me smile.

I do like this shot.

A nice shot of a pier.

And doom clouds on my school – which may well not be my school next year anyhow.

Photo update ~ Birdies!!!

I’ve been scannning black and white films, so I have a few images to post – I’ll order them in a manner that seems logical to me – first (of course) the birds.

Some shots of birdies.

A fairly noble looking duck.

Turtle doves? – Nope, just feral pigeons, cute couple though.

A bunch of birds at the beach – just doing birdie stuff.

Oh dearie me.