Road trip

I went on a road trip to wellington – only 3 hr, but long enough that I (with no car) can’t make it very often – I of course took a totally impractical set of camera’s – my IR camera (tripper cam) and a holga (which didn’t get used). My main aim was to buy photo chemistry and some nice second hand clothes – both aims were achieved admirably. I only took photo’s on the way there – while I was there i was too busy shopping. Here’s a limited selection.

A random road trip scene – I like the zoom effect.

Tis the season – i like the colour in this more to be honest – it’s wonky 😀

A purple hill – no sage involved.

Some blue trees. As per usual.

This is a town, I forget which one. The tree’s were a pretty purple.

That is all – just a selection.


And some more digi IR – this was from a walk I went on this morning.

Walking across a train bridge.

Ditto – same bridge.

Some tree’s – I’m sure I can use this shot for something…

A cabbage tree – yup.

And a band that were playing this afternoon 😀

Infrared at work

I took the taped up wee beastie (digi IR camera – see below) to work and got these.

This is my work place – I work in a hot house pollinating flowers currently – though not for terribly long now. Kinda spooky looking really.

And this is the view out the back of work.

Yeah, I work in the countryside.


Well, it’s the next holidays, and I’m still terminally slack at updating this blog – I’ve had like 3 exhibitions since the last update.

I’m gonna do this all ass backwards for the next month or so – newest stuff first and the old stuff when I can be bothered – first up, I’ve worked out how to bugger up a cheap digital camera so it see’s infrared – next is the permanent conversion – that will happen when i have some lighting gells to act as a filter.

This was my first outing with the digi IR camera – I just taped a bit of exposed and debeloped C41 film over the lens – that didn’t seem to bother the camere so much, these are the results.

This is pitt St – just like the sign says.

And then I crossed the road

An another 50 yards on there’s a bridge – Yay bridge!

And then behind you was a bowling green – which is now defunct.

And for some reason bowling people do this to lawns.