More Infrared – now with more yellow :D

Taking the Infrared thing a bit further – I’ve been using lighting gels to modify the ccd of the camera I’m using, it’s a little daunting to go into the internals of a digital camera for someone like me who’s used to fiddling with hald century old mechanical camera’s – but it’s fairly basic to dissassemble and reassemble them when you’ve done it a few times (took me 6 tries to get it right).

This is the result of the modification I decided to run with – it wasn’t the technique that i’ve heard of other people using – I used a couple of layers of lighting filter on the ccd itself to drastically cut down the transmission of visible light. I kinda like the results like this – and i can add filters in front of the lens to alter stuff from here. None of these are photoshopped at all – they were printed at a digital lab and then scanned (I’m on a road trip and forgot to bring my usb cable).

This is the result when the flash fires, as you can see I used a blue filter – the auto white balance seems to cope with this when the flash is off – there’s still plenty of IR light in this shot to make the tree’s yellow. when there isn’t strong sunlight the whole image goes to dark blue.

And this is the result of adding a yellow filter to the front of the lens, black and white infrared – kinda interesting I think đŸ˜€


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