Road trip – again

I’ve recently found myself on an unexpected, and not entirely welcome road trip, this far I’ve been travelling for a week or so, On a long boring bus trip I ran entirely out of things to do, so I decided to play with the digi infrared camera and see what came out – as it happens, I think I found something quite interesting.

There were some technical issues that were nearly insurmountable, namely the fact that I was on a bus that was travelling pretty quick and had a camera with a very slow shutter, but i don’t feel that really detracts from the images. They have an interesting feel to them, sorta new Zealand Gothic gothic I guess.

There were of course planty of tree’s – One big problem was that the weather was cloudy and cold for some part, thus given that I was working with a camera that primarily see’s IR and UV I didn’t have much light to work with.

The shutter speeds also gave something of a differential focus effect, caused by the relitive speeds of near and far things.

Streams seem to reflect UV light, at the angles that the UV wasn’t reflected the IR recording saw the water as black.

Cow zoom.

The JPG clipping was also extremely noticable – you can see it here at the top of the tree.

And there’s a selection of 3-400 photo’s taken in a prolonged fit of boredom…


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