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I’ve moved into a new place, it’s kinda neat – I don’t have any shots from the front – which is sorta uncool, cos the front is sorta neat, but it’s not really so bright to advertise yourself like that, but here’s a shot of the back…











the laundry is on the left (a rusty shed with holes in the roof) – my new darkroom is the odd little A frame (actually 12′ high – wide angle is decieving) it’s less than selubrious shall we say – the reason it’s my darkroom is that it’s being pulled down when the landlord gets back – and thus he doesn’t give a fuck. You can also see a wee bit of the big ass cabbage tree in the back yard – it’s part of what sold me on the place (more in a moment) – I seriously love that tree – it’s very nearly the biggest that I’ve seen – and about the biggest that i’ve seen next to a house. though I’m astounded by how many leaves it drops.















Yeah, there it is – far bigger than the house – though it’s not easy to tell, the trunks (plural) are each near half a meter across. it’s a big chunk of fern (cabbage tree’s aren’t tree’s).


Anyhow, inside… Well, most of the house is tall, dark, big, and un-interesting, no really – it’s 1940’s kiwi dullness – plastered (unfortunately) in 1970-80’s wall paper – think wooden hardwood floors (in good if serriously messed up condition (glue)). it’s not exciting – though here’s the front room;












it’s also a bit perspectivally fucked up – it’s actually about 10m long by about 5m wide (30′ x 15′) and has windows along one wall – that with plenty of shelves (more than any sane person would wish for) makes for a fantastic photo studio.


This place is more than a little bit weird, it’s like the person just added when he (I know it’s a he) felt like it – I tore up 2 layers of linolium in the bathroom – there’s 3 layers left, the place looks worse and smells a damn sight better. anyhow, more oddness to come no doubt.




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