Street notes.

I often find notes, shopping lists and suchlike during my wanders, of course I gather them up and make stories from them.I like the idea of diary witting.This is a good itemization of desperation, Not only have they run out of printer ink and milk, they are also out of undies and tissues.Odd list really, … Continue reading Street notes.


MICHIKO KON ~ Critical Reading

This article has been entered using OCR - some spelling issues may remain;From;Inside the photograph : writings on twentieth-century photography / Peter C. Bunnell ; foreword by Malcolm DanielNew York : Aperture Foundation, c2006Pages 187-89 ~ MICHIKO KON.MICHIKO KONMichiko Kon is a photographic artist of compelling originality. Obsessed with the gulf between the mind and … Continue reading MICHIKO KON ~ Critical Reading