To Come

Stuff wot I need to do.

Secretive squirrel.
1. – A post of the stuff I have on my wall atm.
2. – A Post of some of the digital stuff I’ve been paying with.
3. – More random artings, I have a bunch of stuff with carbon paper and monotype that I’m getting into atm.
4. – Video stuff – assuming that I manage to get this software to play nice at some stage.
5. – Digi infrared update.

Technical Squirrel.
1. – Stuff about Video and sound platforms that I’m currently attempt to force into work.
2. – Camera profiles – these will be written for my website – I have far more cameras than any normal person would need (and less than I want).
3. – Digital Infrared explanations.

The other blogs will be getting other stuff updated and stuff.


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