Wher u at?

So what happened, did I fall down a hole and couldn’t get out? Did Aliens want to collaborate on scientific procedures, or did I just accidentally fall prey to a massive drug addiction and move to morocco – or wherever that’s at these days – obviously not option 3 then.

No aliens nor holes either, not that i couldn’t get out of anyhow.

Nope, I’ve been working on a book, in the past 40-50 days I haven’t had a day off till this weekend, and apparently (massive computer cleanup) I have generated three point one gigabytes of data for the book alone – that excludes research – it’s just my stuff. Scary, no?

So what do I do when i have a day off after (lets split the difference) 45 days of working in a row – well I clean my room of course, and then on day two I clog my fecking drainpipes and have to call in the landlord to help me – at least i had a day to clean before that happened – maybe it looked like I was raised by a better class of wolf? Perhaps not, and perhaps it’s just that the police haven’t raided my crib lately (story would take some unpacking, but suffice to say that I’m regarded as one of the law abiding people in the complex).

I’ve also spent time thinking about an essay, thinking about a presentation (both due in 2 weeks, I got nothing) and my final critique, due in 2 days, handed in the work on friday. I’m almost on top of things… Sorta.


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