Go Team Weasel!

Yeah, I know it’s a ferret – display at the library, either exhorting us to kill ferrets, or possibly fund-raising for the royal society of blind ferrets. Nifty display either way.



Doodling whilst gallery sitting.

Oh yeah, each on a piece of mat board about 2 1/2″ square. It’s the windows from the mats used for my plastic animal shots (which I don’t think I’ve posted now I think of it).

Duck progress.

Three layers of primer later;

Now I’m researching urban camouflage ūüėõ

And a wee project with oil paint sketches on (primed) paper, I’ve primed and toned enough for about 80 3×4″ sketches, have to wait a few days for the oil wash to dry before I can cut em up and get into it – in the meantime I think a bunch of sumi stuff sounds interesting.


The duck was to be another project, as can be seen by the artist ref shots.

Photo update.

A collection from stuff I’ve been working with;

Every sequence of images provokes a narrative, but where that trail leads is often not up to the ‘author’. I’m beginning to think that this is a nice thing, I select carefully, and I am considered in the sequences that i provoke, but I also work fast at the layout stage and I try not to second guess my choices.

In truth I’m more surprised than anybody by the narrative that forms around these collections, in creating the images I look far closer, and invest far more than most people would, so it’s a continuing surprise to step back and see a story waiting for me. A tale that I can read with fresh eyes.

It is not my own story – Rather it is the story the images weave to clothe themselves.

Progress 2

More painting, just noodling about really at the moment and seeing what happens, no real plan yet. It’s starting to develop some form.

I kinda like painting like this – unplanned, and just seeing where it takes me – it’s a bit like going for a bit of a wander when you have the whole afternoon to spare.

Unexpected update.

Well I didn’t make good on my intent to update more often, such is life.

I’ve done my book, I did 3 in fact, and handed in two. The digital version seemed to have worked nicely, I’m actually happy with it. The opening show was last Friday, and I’ve had some good feedback, other than that I need to develop 30 – 40 rolls of film, I’ve started a couple of paintings, and started a new project on re-presentation.


Re~presentation Rhinocerii.

Silver gelatine print with tempera.

In the process of clearing out my school studio I re-found a big jar of tempera paint powder – it’s the stuff that they give to pre-school kids to make a mess with, I discovered to my surprise that it’s actually kinda nice to use, no idea how archival it is *shrug*.

I’m also painting a duck (white – decoy duck) and am thinking of doing a decent series of really little oil paintings if I can find suitable supports.

I reportedly have a summative mark of B+ for school, I’m guessing that my honours mark will be around the B sort of range, which will probably give me a high second class honours or so – enough for me to get into the one year masters program if they want me in it – A first class wouldn’t be enough if they didn’t. I have an interview for that middle of the month – to be honest, at the moment I’m in two minds about another year of school.

Went for a 4 hour walk yesterday, got my first sunburn of the year, time for sunscreen again, found some nice pebbles at the beach.

All for now.