Signs & Signifiers

I have a truckload of photos, so I’m gonna make up arbitrary categories and post some.First up, Signs, just cos I find them endlessly amusing.

First time I’ve used the gallery feature, see how it goes.

Seems to work.


December already.

I’ve finished the painting shown earlier – at least as much as i will for the foreseeable future – Not a success, not a failure, just done.

In other news I managed to pick up a Minolta 16p the other day – I paid $45, which is right near my upper limit, this unusual extravagance due to the fact that it came with 9 refillable cartridges – 8 of which have film loaded in them – woot! This looks suspiciously posed, but it’s just happenstance 😀

The film is a mix of Ilford pan f, hp3 and a film called Perutz N21, which I’ve never heard of, but I assume that it was a 100iso film, and reportedly they were brought out by agfa in the mid? 60’s – the film is all listed “Use before [month] 1963-4”. I’m exposing it anyway, just to see what happens. It also came with 5 rolls of exposed film, presumably from the early 60’s or so.

What can’t be seen in this scan is what i observed using a 20x loupe, that is that the kid on the left (who must be in his 50’s now?) is wearing a check shirt, and the lens is actually sharp enough to make out the pattern extremely clearly – I would need a microscope to actually see what the resolution really is as I was using the loupe hand held, suffice to say that it’s among the sharpest lenses that i’ve ever come across – the neg is 10x14mm and every blade of grass behind them is clearly delineated. I think I might just come to like this camera :D.

The camera is actually quite nice to use too, it’s the size of a chunky cellphone, so not onerous to carry in my hand, it’s completely manual with an adjustable aperture (3.5-16) which has sunny-cloudy symbols, a shutter speed set at about 1/100th (which is almost completely silent), and a fixed focus lens (25mm rokkor) which is reportedly set at about 4 meters, but covers 2m-inf at f11. A very simple little piece of kit, but seemingly one that can manage to give results, I can reload it with the offcuts from trimming 120 down to 127 too – no requirements for perfs. I’m onto my second roll now, it’ll be interesting to see if I get anything back from the film – it being 47 years past it’s expiry date.