Second layer Gum.

Second layer – red, over yellow, blue tomorrow – so far so good, I’ve winnowed down something like 12 prints to three that seem to be working (tri colour attempts like below), and another 4 paynes grey single layers that I think I’ll try to build compliments on..

The grey ones seem to be exhibiting imagewise staining in their second or third layer from the carbon black in the paynes grey – shows up a black pits, I’ll retry with ivory and perhaps mars black, also worth looking onto building blacks from complimentary colours methinks – after all, it’s taking multiple layers to get density anyhow, and it’s not happening with paynes or lamp black.

It’s also an excuse to play with new and shiny watercolour pigments 😀

Oh, painted the inside of the exposure unit (cardboard box) silver yesterday – it seems to have given me about 2 mins shorter exposure time (now 13 min) – I think I’ll leave it at that for now.


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