Physautotupe thoughts.

I think that I’m at a stage where I think I may have gotten my head around this process (the chemistry side that is), and I’m mildly astonished by just how extensible it possibly could be – I’ve been doing some research and I think that I may be able to construct a formula which is about 50 to 100x faster to print (ie. 600 down to 6-12 min or so), and I think I could make it panchromatic to some degree, even just blue sensitive would help.

The best thing about being a process driven photographer at a university doing art photography isn’t the toys they have in the photo department, cos I mainly have my own (though their toys are admittedly niftier than mine, and involve less duct tape), it certainly isn’t the access to workshop tools and time, cos those have to be individually negotiated and workshop technicians usually come from engineering or building backgrounds (as in, they often stop women doing things the boys are allowed to – grrr). No, the nicest thing is the library, and the access to online science journals – that makes it so much easier to research stuff it’s not funny. Having a studio is a bonus too.

I’m pretty sure that physautotype is entirely viable at this point – I’ve also been researching dryplate manufacture – it seems doable, if not trivial.

Now I just need to find a chemical supplier for a couple of chemicals (and the $$$).

Oh, and finish manufacturing my big new halfplate camera 😀

By hand 😦

I have about a week off right now and nothing due for another several after that, I’ll be picking up some glass and chemistry tomorrow cos the shops are shut today – easter holidays, I so need to look at a calendar more often. But anyhow, I’m hoping to get something happening with this process in the next few days.

Oh, the critique went well, I’ll have a photo of the piece later. Assuming I can be bothered going back into school today.


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