‘Shadow drawings’

'Shadow drawings' is a selection of dryplate positive prints in half plate format from me. http://www.photospace.co.nz/expo168.htm Also Pat Cush (of Whanganui) is opening a show of new paintings for Gilberd Marriott Gallery at the same time and place. Exhibitions opening on Friday, 3rd June, 5pm-7pm ~ Photospace 1st floor, 37 Courtenay Place Wellington 6011, New … Continue reading ‘Shadow drawings’


It lives!!!

With three exclamation marks, just to show how serious I am - like a minor coronary 😀 The lens is an artful construction of cardboard tubes, a pair of spectacles, black card and sticky tape with a slot for black card waterhouse stops. Seems to work just fine *shrug* The green masking tape isn't actually … Continue reading It lives!!!