‘Shadow drawings’

‘Shadow drawings’ is a selection of dryplate positive prints in half plate format from me.


Also Pat Cush (of Whanganui) is opening a show of new paintings for Gilberd Marriott Gallery at the same time and place.

Exhibitions opening on Friday, 3rd June, 5pm-7pm



1st floor, 37 Courtenay Place

Wellington 6011, New Zealand


It lives!!!

With three exclamation marks, just to show how serious I am – like a minor coronary 😀

The lens is an artful construction of cardboard tubes, a pair of spectacles, black card and sticky tape with a slot for black card waterhouse stops. Seems to work just fine *shrug*

The green masking tape isn’t actually doing anything.

Camera making.

A bit of fitting to go, and I need to make a focus screen (Lubitel for scale).

It’s a fairly large camera 😀

[EDIT] Turns out that the kodak lens doesn’t quite meet my expectations – I’d really only thought about coverage, not that it would give me a range of magnification starting at 1:1 macro (which included the front of the focussing rail) and going up to about 5:1 (five times life size) – which is sure interesting, but not exactly ideal for the level of focussing technology I’m using.

So I’m cobbling something together out of an old pair of spectacles which will go from infinity to about 1:1 as well.

So I now  have a system 😛