This – just cos it’s funny – and really as a way of illustrating that the 5D is not designed to be used for sneaky photography* But still works fine.

And this just cos;

At 2.8 the corners are distinctly unsharp – even allowing for my crappy focussing skills.

Still, it’s a nice pigeon.


I can use this for sneaky photography if need be – I tend to hang my camera’s off the same shoulder as my handbag (I’ll note here that the 5D is a bloody heavy camera – it weighs more than my EOS-5 film camera, which is a heffalump).

Using camera’s sneaky is more a factor of how you handle them than their size, I don’t carry camera’s as a means of showing them off, so people don’t notice them – having said that – the 5D is enormous and people will comment if you show it off or put it down.

I voted yesterday in our national election – till I put it down on the table nobody noticed, once I had, everybody commented on what a damn big camera it is. Still, I can use it in the street without anybody noticing.


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