Wandering about cameras.

A not-so-smiley lion – Looks kinda anguished actually, but then so would I after a couple of generations of kids had polished me with their bums.
Color is a bit out – forgot the exposure value thingy.

I brought a 300K camera (640 x 480 pix) a week or two back for a few bucks, I’m so far kinda suprised by the fact that it takes shots as good as it does, it has quite nice colour too – very warm (this is un-modified). All other shots were taken with a 2MP camera.
The black thing at the bottom is a windowsill – the camera has no (usable) viewfinder.

Just a steel palm tree.

I look up to palm trees – no coconuts here.

I was fascinated by the perspective on this building, it seemed to change as I moved my head each way (yes, I was getting odd looks from passers by at this point), interestingly I’ve found that even on the computer screen the perspective seems to shift as you move from one side to the other – the building seems to tilt – go on, try it – I know you want to.