Robotry – Barely adequate robotics.(Starting build)

I'm currently on a break from school, in case you don't know, I'm currently doing an IT post grad diploma, I have re-discovered [a.] why I am an artist, and [b.]The fact that I don't like computers when they don't do what I want. (I have also developed allergies to web programming and data analytics) … Continue reading Robotry – Barely adequate robotics.(Starting build)


How to make a sketchbook – Perfect bound (glued spine).

Another old tutorial I re-discovered from (I wrote it in 2007 - Only thing that's really changed is I've since studied photography, and I use less duct tape) Making a sketch book.  I go through a lot of sketch books, more than one a month, sometimes one a week, usually I just buy the … Continue reading How to make a sketchbook – Perfect bound (glued spine).

Making art(‘ish) stuff with electronics.

So, I've gotten interested in electronics over the past couple of years, this has come about in part from my being surrounded by broken electronic gear whilst working as an art school audio-visual technician. Also in part from my experience in photography, and also in as much as I have developed a fascination with weird … Continue reading Making art(‘ish) stuff with electronics.


​ How close you are to the glass makes a difference, its not just angle, your distance from the glass is what balances the exposures.  Its multiple exposure photography, just you have to work it all out on the spot by moving your body 🙂