Some things I've tried - first up an orotone - which is a fancy term for painting the back of a positive gold (you're supposed to use a 'particular' paint, but whatev's, I just used oil paint) A black print (yup, I made that name up) - sorta like an ambrotype, but not like an … Continue reading Progress


Re. yesterdays post.

Another layer onto one of the tiki's from a couple of weeks ago. And one on the wall And some shiny new pigments, Quin magenta and ultramarine blue. I'll keep playing with these, but I think I'm overdue for making up some new negs.

Playing with gladwrap.I was in the darkroom today and I decided to take a failed experiment from last week and give it a re-run with a different intent. Last week I was trying to contact print off oiled paper and used cling film (food wrap) to seperate the layers so I didn't get oil on … Continue reading