Some things I’ve tried – first up an orotone – which is a fancy term for painting the back of a positive gold (you’re supposed to use a ‘particular’ paint, but whatev’s, I just used oil paint)

A black print (yup, I made that name up) – sorta like an ambrotype, but not like an ambrotype at all (silver gelatine liquid emulsion based) – I’m handing in one of these this week – it’s washing as I type.

And Physautotypes – I’ve had three crack at it so far, the first was a total failure;

Yup, a blank piece of glass (reflecting my camera strap and my black top).

The second I got a line;

Which at least proved that it’s light sensitive.

The third I got a rhinoceroses bottom;

I messed up the development a bit, but it’s proof of concept – violin rosin and meths with mineral turps as a developer – a la Niepce. I’ve figured out a couple of things to improve the print – but learning to coat the stuff onto glass is top of the list – not easy compared to gelatin, or even collodion.

I have a masters crit Thursday, so after that I’m looking forward to doing some more of them, fun!


Re. yesterdays post.

Another layer onto one of the tiki’s from a couple of weeks ago.

And one on the wall

And some shiny new pigments, Quin magenta and ultramarine blue.

I’ll keep playing with these, but I think I’m overdue for making up some new negs.

Chemigrams, I guess?

I had these in a drawer unfixed – they were failed lumen prints, they were just waiting for me to eventually throw them away – instead I decided to see what happened when I threw thm in some developer in daylight – it seems the lumen print acts as something of a resist.

The ones with more colour were experiments with pouring film developer over 60 year expired kodak velox in daylight (all these are velox) – they’reĀ  fixed, but without selenium – the others are fixed and then toned, which oddly killed the colours in them – also turned a nice new batch of (1:3) selenium black – something I must investigate.

For the record – I have something like 2500 sheets of 2 1/4″ (6cm) square velox that I suspect is stuffed – some might be ok, but a lot of it is water damaged.

Yeah – two and a half thousand, that’s not a typo.

Playing with gladwrap.

I was in the darkroom today and I decided to take a failed experiment from last week and give it a re-run with a different intent. Last week I was trying to contact print off oiled paper and used cling film (food wrap) to seperate the layers so I didn’t get oil on the photo paper, well, it failed cos I had an appearance of the darkroom fairies – little creatures that only come out in a dark room under very particular circumstances, ie. when the operator doesn’t know what they’re doing.

So this time I tried to invoke the darkroom fairies deliberately, I spread clad wrap over the photo paper and put a photocopy over top as an incubator, and yup… It worked.

So here’s some darkroom fairies. First the butterfly jellyfish sort.

A worm type and a couple of amorphous glowing ones.

Seahorses with spears and shaman badgers.

Well after this I decided to take photo’s of gladwrap without the photocopy and see what I got – this is about 1 sec exposure at about F8. (my first attempt)

Same, but I waved my hand over it very briefly (timer only goes down to 1 sec on the enlarger I was using).

And a positive print off one of the above – just to screw me up, it took a 25 sec exposure at F2 to get this.

I think I’m gonna play with the darkroom fairies a bit more when I get some time.