Straight & square… ish

There are several things that I don’t understand in this shot.


Random stuff

No idea at all what was happening here. The camera was exposed about 3 stops under, hence the semi hdr look.

Also no idea here, I assume they were drying artificial grass… why not.

Broken glass, no idea where it came from… or why.

I suspect a vehicular mishap… Yes its structural. I also have no idea why or how.

But then again, if I knew the why and wherefores of these shots I would never have taken the photos. That uncertainty is one of the reasons I love photography. 

Lions tigers and polar bears.

Still on a reflections kick, Its a bit like the bastard offspring of  street, landscape, and product photography. I’m really surprised at how coherent this particular image is.

The strangest part for me is that if I move the camera even a few inches then the shot  doesn’t just look a bit different, Its wildly different… totally different. Angle, aperture, lens, framing, timing, etc.

Its also really bloody difficult… Trying to nail a composition in one plane is difficult, It takes years of obsessive snapping to get it right intuitively and consistently. 

Starting to learn to see two or three or more planes come together as an image in two dimensions it pretty exciting 🙂

Might be a ‘one trick’ sorta thing, but screw it, I’m having fun 🙂