PCB making – variably frustrating

I've been working with ATTINY13a chips just recently. The specific idea I'm talking about here is to make a UV exposure unit specifically targeted at lenses. I'm doing other shenanigans with TINY13's which I'll go into elsewhere. The basic idea is that lenses can get fungus strands growing in them, which in turn ruins the … Continue reading PCB making – variably frustrating

Making art(‘ish) stuff with electronics.

So, I've gotten interested in electronics over the past couple of years, this has come about in part from my being surrounded by broken electronic gear whilst working as an art school audio-visual technician. Also in part from my experience in photography, and also in as much as I have developed a fascination with weird … Continue reading Making art(‘ish) stuff with electronics.

Ultraviolet exposure units I have known (and mostly not liked).

This is pretty rough and ready, I can confirm that this does work as an exposure unit though. THE BASIC PLACE THIS IDEA CAME FROM. Much of this project has come from a need for this device - In my studies in antique photography I frequently used ultraviolet exposure units for exposing 19th c. photographic … Continue reading Ultraviolet exposure units I have known (and mostly not liked).