Straight & square… ish

There are several things that I don’t understand in this shot.


Closeup plant stuff

I’m very fond of the panasonic 20mm 1.7

I’m not one who cares about technical image quality per se, but when this gets fuzzy its in a nice way, specially for closeups.

Capable of reasonable sharpness stopped down too, I tend to just leave this stuck on my Em5. 

This one was the olympus 17 2.8, which is also nice. More importantly, this is what gorse has evolved into here in new zealand. Nasty brutal stuff, even sharper and nastier than it looks.

and yeah, this post is kinda just an excuse to use these shots. Cos I sorta like them and they don’t really go anywhere else


How close you are to the glass makes a difference, its not just angle, your distance from the glass is what balances the exposures. 

Its multiple exposure photography, just you have to work it all out on the spot by moving your body 🙂