Studio stuff.

My electronics/soldering space today. Ive been doing a timelapse of soldering a project together. 

Working on a cymatic synth. This mess needs to turn into a finished project in about three weeks…
No pressure.


Compulsory fourth year show.

It wasn’t actually called that, but I like my version more than the real name.

So we had a show, organised by my year group, and it counted towards our grade, but wasn’t marked (wtf?). So we went through the whole art school process of ego, ass pats, and herding cats, and it came together, not perfectly, but it went over alright.

Cos I’m an egotist and this is my blog I’ll write about what I did (that and the fact that I wouldn’t have the faintest clue what some of my classmates are thinking about). I made a book, and a bunch of really little paintings, also a plinth/(dis)honesty box. Here’s some pics for the attention defficit.

Yup, the bull is made of shit – it smelled some, and the thing behind it that looks like a sloppy yellow poop, well that’s a pile of bullet shells, and another work, and the cord going to the back of the cow, well that’s another work which was 15′ behind the cow, but to the left of that, above the pile of cartridges is my work, the thing with five dots above it, yup, they’re my oil painting.

[zoom in]

Five oil paintings, and a book of prints on a plinth.

[click on the thumbnails of the paintings if you want to make them bigger]

If you’re curious about scale, they’re about 9cm (3 – 2/3″) to a side. Oil paint on laser cut ply – I didn’t pay for or cut the ply, it was offcuts from another persons work, and i liked the offcuts as objects.

I also had a book of prints as I said, these are the same images (illustrating the same things), not after the paintings, they were produced at the same time, I wanted to see how I could change the reading of each by dint of presenting both iterations together.

The prints are linocuts about 5cm (2 “) square in a book that was the same size as the paintings above, this was presented on a plinth which also doubled as an honesty box, though which exhorted people to seemingly do something dubious, more on this later, here’s the prints.




My camera battery ran out – that’s right, I had to go back and re-photo the rest (done), no biggie. the plinth carried a message…

You see, I wanted to do a couple of things with this, one was to mess with intersemiotic references with regard to reproduction – not sure how many people got that – another was to make people stand in a corner, turn their backs on the whole gallery and read a book, that worked brilliantly 😀 – and another was to play with people’s conditioning by asking them to write on money – we all know it’s bad, right? Well, not really so much here, our money is plastic and a quick swipe with some thinners will clean it up nicely, no big deal.

And how did it work?

Gettin in there – I built the plinth so that it could be cracked open again with a minimum of effort – in practice the glue was about 20 times more durable than I’d anticipated – I had been worried about it spontaneously collapsing, in reality I nearly needed to take a damn hammer to it to get it apart.

Crap, no money!

Names blacked redded out to protect the probably innocent, and the fairly provably not.

The card is from someone who eventually brought the five oil paintings, and the piece on the right from a rather prolific graffiti artist, i guess they liked my work, or perhaps it’s just that the plinth had a marker pen attached and it presented a new opportunity for getting up, either way I appreciated it 😀

So I sold the paintings, and gave that person one of the books too, she seemed happy with the deal, I was certainly happy to not have to work out what to do with them. And another booklet went in the direction of the aforementioned other person, I assume they have it now.

So the experiment – well, it failed didn’t it? I didn’t get anybody to write on money, though unexpectedly it also worked quite well at another level, so it balanced out.

All in all, fairly ok, though I have a stack of work to do in the next 4 weeks.