More fujiroids.

View of my hallway – looks fancy, but you’d be better off thinking fawlty towers rather than the ritz.

A ghost conference room – mid meeting – this was just before I got evicted for interrupting proceedings with my concrete mixer/camera/sound and flash making device.

The view from my atillier window.


Fujiroids – sounds nasty.

I gots me an instax 20 (for like $10) – the round awkward orange and white model that looks astoundingly neat, but ergonomically I think was designed for a creature with more than one opposable thumb per hand. I do quite like the format of the images, little 6 x 4.5 prints (close as damn anyhow).

Playing with the flash (which can’t be turned off) – it really wasn’t that dark in this shot – no idea what the twin trails on the left are, they aren’t on the pic, must be time to clean the scanner glass.

And photography in the produce department – the flash is kinda weak – this is not a subtle camera at all – Big, bright orange, flashing lights, and it sounds like it’s warming up to start hovering when you switch it on – the bonus is that it’s so odd looking that no one is sure what to make of it.