My mother as a child.

I found this picture of my mother when I was scanning old family slides, it really quite shocked me, after a couple of seconds of concentrating I realised who it was – My mother and her family at some point in the mid sixties (early summer 1964-5 I’m guessing – my aunty on the right tans a fair bit), this slide was in the middle of a box of several hundred slides from the mid to late 70’s, hence the momentary confusion. But when I realised I instantly recognised every element in the picture, from my mothers favorite dog of her childhood, through to the fact that my grandfather was still smoking when my aunty (thirteen years younger than my mother and her identical twin, my aunty) was about two years, I even recognised the car from stories that my mother told of road trips. It was like a window to the past opened up and made sense of dozens of stories that I heard growing up.