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A book I made as a test;

The cover looks a wee bit greener in real life.

Some of my photographic subjects (vandyke pics) piled to the side
Some cyanotypes – which are a headache to mount

Another. – Yup, the blue ones are taxidermied.

Vandykes of wee plastic animals.

Tempera print of a fishing lure.

And a gum print of a model tiger.

I made that as a test to see how people reacted to a particular set of ideas – and discovered that I’m on the right track, but with a few caveats – for one, people devalue regular binding, even hand made – probably because they can pick up something that looks (superficially – but who can see past that these days?) similar for a few dollars from a discount store.

Also how much hand can be visible, and what the aesthetics should look like – As a result I’ll go more towards something like this;

The spine looks like;

This was also a test, just using some ply I pulled out of a skip bin (dumpster) and some heavy glossy card stock I hadn’t found a use for yet – bound with linen thread.

The covers are ok, need a bit of sanding and some sort of treatment Shellac or wax/oil – the thread needs to be much thicker – perhaps embroidery thread, and I’ll probably move to using┬áHahnemuhle bamboo for the paper stock as it’s cheap, decent quality, and is conceptually in line with the recycled covers – final piece prolly won’t have ply covers, but we shall see..

I might be making some sketch books like this – prolly with laser etched covers. I feel a squirrel rampant coming on.

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October 29, 2011 at 9:36 pm

Re. yesterdays post.

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Another layer onto one of the tiki’s from a couple of weeks ago.

And one on the wall

And some shiny new pigments, Quin magenta and ultramarine blue.

I’ll keep playing with these, but I think I’m overdue for making up some new negs.

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February 12, 2011 at 1:03 am

Collections, Plastic Heitiki

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I picked up a purple transparent Heitiki in a $2 store in K Road in 2008, since that time I’ve used it as the basis of a series of works, which have strangely turned into a fully blown project for this year (more another time).

I started making gum bichromate prints in 2008, I used a scan of the tiki as an image source, sadly I didn’t photograph the series that sold at that time (in private collections), but I’ve continued to work with the imagery.

The dark grey print is gum bichromate, circa 2008, the two orangey prints are lumen prints from the same negative (regular photo paper used as POP ), and the black print is a silver (fiber) print from a waxed paper neg – it’s actually far darker than that, but I can’t get my scanner or printer to see the detail without spreading the contrast substantially. The blue print is a cyanotype which had the tiki placed on it in the sun, and the purplish one is a lumen print by the same technique.

The final two (bright green & purple) I describe below – it won’t let me separate stuff out from the gallery – poor effort that!

The following is a digital separation for a spraypaint stencil, I’m also working on some 3 and 4 colour gum prints atm.

I often use one image for testing things, this is a particular favourite of mine for playing with alt processes with – I like it at a conceptual level too.

The original;

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January 4, 2011 at 3:30 am

Signs & Signifiers

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I have a truckload of photos, so I’m gonna make up arbitrary categories and post some.First up, Signs, just cos I find them endlessly amusing.

First time I’ve used the gallery feature, see how it goes.

Seems to work.

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December 27, 2010 at 8:11 am

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Playing with gladwrap.

I was in the darkroom today and I decided to take a failed experiment from last week and give it a re-run with a different intent. Last week I was trying to contact print off oiled paper and used cling film (food wrap) to seperate the layers so I didn’t get oil on the photo paper, well, it failed cos I had an appearance of the darkroom fairies – little creatures that only come out in a dark room under very particular circumstances, ie. when the operator doesn’t know what they’re doing.

So this time I tried to invoke the darkroom fairies deliberately, I spread clad wrap over the photo paper and put a photocopy over top as an incubator, and yup… It worked.

So here’s some darkroom fairies. First the butterfly jellyfish sort.

A worm type and a couple of amorphous glowing ones.

Seahorses with spears and shaman badgers.

Well after this I decided to take photo’s of gladwrap without the photocopy and see what I got – this is about 1 sec exposure at about F8. (my first attempt)

Same, but I waved my hand over it very briefly (timer only goes down to 1 sec on the enlarger I was using).

And a positive print off one of the above – just to screw me up, it took a 25 sec exposure at F2 to get this.

I think I’m gonna play with the darkroom fairies a bit more when I get some time.

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May 29, 2007 at 10:55 am

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Wandering about cameras.

A not-so-smiley lion – Looks kinda anguished actually, but then so would I after a couple of generations of kids had polished me with their bums.
Color is a bit out – forgot the exposure value thingy.

I brought a 300K camera (640 x 480 pix) a week or two back for a few bucks, I’m so far kinda suprised by the fact that it takes shots as good as it does, it has quite nice colour too – very warm (this is un-modified). All other shots were taken with a 2MP camera.
The black thing at the bottom is a windowsill – the camera has no (usable) viewfinder.

Just a steel palm tree.

I look up to palm trees – no coconuts here.

I was fascinated by the perspective on this building, it seemed to change as I moved my head each way (yes, I was getting odd looks from passers by at this point), interestingly I’ve found that even on the computer screen the perspective seems to shift as you move from one side to the other – the building seems to tilt – go on, try it – I know you want to.

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May 28, 2007 at 10:45 am

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Some pinhole pic’s I took recently.

A mirror building.

Buildings & cars.

More buildings.

A… uh… wall?

And a pic of me – self portrait in a mirrored building.

I mainly have buildings as they don’t tend to run away in the 1 – 2 min that an exposure takes – most of these shots I had people walk through – the camera couldn’t see them as they were moving too fast.

I have better prints of these that I’ll upload when I get them back – the better ones are 8×10″ photographic prints – these are just scans of the negs.

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May 25, 2007 at 10:42 am