How close you are to the glass makes a difference, its not just angle, your distance from the glass is what balances the exposures. 

Its multiple exposure photography, just you have to work it all out on the spot by moving your body 🙂


Lions tigers and polar bears.

Still on a reflections kick, Its a bit like the bastard offspring of  street, landscape, and product photography. I’m really surprised at how coherent this particular image is.

The strangest part for me is that if I move the camera even a few inches then the shot  doesn’t just look a bit different, Its wildly different… totally different. Angle, aperture, lens, framing, timing, etc.

Its also really bloody difficult… Trying to nail a composition in one plane is difficult, It takes years of obsessive snapping to get it right intuitively and consistently. 

Starting to learn to see two or three or more planes come together as an image in two dimensions it pretty exciting 🙂

Might be a ‘one trick’ sorta thing, but screw it, I’m having fun 🙂

Filthy reflections

I doubt I’ll get tired of this any time soon.

In other news I dropped my Olympus Em5 last night, or at least had the strap get snagged and had it basically snatched from my hand and slammed into a table.

Net result – the rear screen is smashed and totally non-functional, so now I can’t review shots till I get home and copy the card. I’m trying to work out how I feel about that. Also can’t use the screen for live view or video, which is a pain.

Could be worse, It could have been my Pentax Kp (which I haven’t paid off yet) or it could have been the lens broken (panny 20mm 1.7).