How to make a sketchbook – Perfect bound (glued spine).

Another old tutorial I re-discovered from (I wrote it in 2007 - Only thing that's really changed is I've since studied photography, and I use less duct tape) Making a sketch book.  I go through a lot of sketch books, more than one a month, sometimes one a week, usually I just buy the … Continue reading How to make a sketchbook – Perfect bound (glued spine).


First off - just for fun.Squirrel photography :)And a coupla stencilsNot a great shot - not my design, just rescued by me - the frame was wrecked and the cat was black on a tobacco orange ground - very 60'sCaught - 12 colours, 8 layers, a stupidly long time taken to cut.Loreal Guineapig - 8 … Continue reading