Something’s wrong here.


There’s something deeply wrong about this composition – the trucks were doing 50kph at the time.

It’s interesting not being able to review images as you take them.


I took these a couple of months ago on a long and boring bus trip, I decided to see just how many photos my trusty (crap) old fixed lens 2MP camera could take on a set of batteries – about 250 on 2 AA batteries – I tend to carry 6 batteries as part of my daily kit plus my digital camera and perhaps a film camera too. just for kicks and giggles.

Anyhow I was lining up a shot of nothing in particular and a split second after I pressed the shutter release a truck went past – this is the result.

Well it seems that a slow CCD will actually slant an image quite nicely at the 200KPH the trucks were passing at, So I got curious and tried to see if I could get it under control.

Not quite on that shot, but I realized that I would get the background in focus.
The difficult thing was anticipating the time between pressing the shutter release and the camera taking the shot, In this case I got the digger on the back of the truck – less than ideal.

I started to get the hang of it about 20 trucks later and found that the sweet spot to try and get a shot of was the gap between the trailers, of course this didn’t work so well with white trucks as they did odd things to the exposure. Start of a nice gap there.

Close but no cigar (it is pretty hard to time this at approx 130 mph closing speeds).

Waaay out, but this is probably my favorite shot of the series.

And there we have it – the shot I was trying for – only took about 50 attempts too.

Todays post was brought to you by the letter schwa and the color puce.