New camera

I have a new camera, it’s a Zenit TTL SLR, and it has a broken light meter, thus I need to guesstimate the exposure. For $15 I got the camera with a standard 58 mm F2 lens, the case, and a spare 135 mm lens that has fungus in it. I’m quite happy with it for that price. I have a B & W film in it now, so I’ll post some pics next week (assuming that I don’t completely blow it).
It’s quite a big camera, it weighs a little over a kilo, all steel and quite satisfyingly sturdy feeling.
Now I just need a short lens about 20 – 30 mm.

Out of focus shot through the viewfinder – as you can see it’s pretty dim. (and yes, I need to clean my windows)

This is in focus, I don’t find this shot as aesthetically pleasing.

On a side note, I went to the library today and as I left I got mobbed by about 20 seagulls, all flying all around me, it was like something from a Hitchcock film – except they weren’t attacking me and I couldn’t see the wires. So a couple of shots of seagulls.

More seagulls, you prolly can’t tell, but the nearest ones were about 4′ from the camera, I so need a zoom digicam.